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Shop opens April 1st (no joke!)
Rentals start May 1st!

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In the world of scooters we have many friends that we recommend you check out. Here are a few of them!


Scooter Experts Here!

Ok, I can’t stand it when other companies tout their expertise or wares as “the best” or whatever.  I just roll my eyes when I see a sign that says “We have the BEST lobster rolls in Maine!”, especially since (…)


FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50!

Starting August 6th: Simple is better.  Everyone loves cheaper prices. Free shipping on all orders over $50. Flat rate of $5.95 per order under $50. It’s that simple.  



We are the ONLY shop in Maine that specifically works on the Chinese made scooters! We perform various services, including: Oil Change … $20 Basic Tune Up … $40 Performance Upgrades … from $20 Engine repair Minor body repair If (…)



Scooter Rentals! Everyone wants to rent a scooter!  Please call ahead and reserve one today! Scooter Rental Prices 1 Hour – $25 ½ Day (4 Hours) – $50 Full Day (8 Hours) – $80 1 Week (7 Days) – $250 (…)